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We offer high quality metal polishing and grinding services with commonly used finishes on most products manufactured at our facility. Exterior and/or interior surfaces may be polished depending on the part configuration.

High quality metal polishing with a brushed finish.
Interior and exterior metal polishing available.
Expert staff available at hand to answer your questions about metal polishing.
Custom Metal Polishing, Metal Finishing, Buffing, Grinding
Aerospace, Electronic, Hardware, Medical and Automotive Industries

We have earned a solid metal finishing reputation from years of quality metal polishing and buffing workmanship, competitive pricing and flawless metal polishing services. We employ advanced technologies for industrial polishing and buffing applications with high to low production runs. Our goal is to exceed your expectations. We will solve your challenges utilizing all of the knowledge, experience,

Metal Polishing Grinding
Metal Buffing Brush Finishes
Sand Stroking